Wednesday, May 21, 2014

TIW Final - Day 6

I was overtaken overnight by Steve...I was killed in my sleep...I tried my best to get votes but none were coming...he was able to get many many more than myself. I ws also able to see the website's stats and the countries from where the hits came looks very dodgy, someone is not playing with a straight bat. I'm depressed, angry, sad...whatever. It's definitely "Who you know, not what you know." The final should have the 4 greatest stories to ever be written for TIW in the whole year, and clearly they are not. I tried to write something special, and many people have already said I did. But I cannot get anymore votes without 'pestering'. Looks like this is the end...(even thought some people are helping, but no matter how many votes I get, the leader adds a few more votes from suspicious IPS countries)...(yes, that's what I am saying...)

Here are the votes up to this point...(21 May 2014 10.30pm...less than 26 hours to go...)

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  1. It sucks that it had to end like that. But you did a great job, Dani. And you know I'm not the only one saying that