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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Transition Period 2 : My take on Challenge 70

I haven't been posting much lately, I'm slowing down due to being 'published', I think. Nothing runs on the same timeframe as in self-publishing. I am, however, working on The Iron Writer Anthology 2013-2014.
Plus I've just had a go at Challenge 70...written from last evening's experience while looking at a house...

(Challenge 70 - demolition derby, light sabres, mud wrestling, roman candles)

For Better For Worse

The match was on, full blast, the large flat green screen glowing in one corner of their living room, her husband grinning and cheering in the other, beer can in dirty hand. He hadn't bothered to wash since coming back from his workplace, dumping himself down in his favourite chair and flicking on the television. The kids quietly played in the kitchen looking like they'd already suffered one scalding from their father.
"What you doing?"
"Eh? What does it look like? Watching the game!" He gulped down another mouthful of his cheap beer. "Got any snacks?"
"Unless you want some of the kids Cheerios, no. Where's the money?"
"Here." He patted his trouser pocket but showed no movement to give her any for the weekly shopping.
"I got food to get."
"Then get going. And buy some nuts, I want some nuts. And be quick!"
"But I can't shop without money."
He begrudingly handed over a wad of cash, barely enough. A long stare got his attention.
"I need more than that."
"I ain't got any more."
"What did you do, drink it away?"
"Don't you start!" One team scored in the match. "Yes!"
"I really don't know what I saw in you..."
His head slowly turned and his eyes narrowed, but a smile came over his face.
"I remember that night, the first time I saw you, mud wrestling with that buxom brunette cousin of yours. Ha, if it weren't for your sharp hawk-like features and flowing red hair I would've thought you were a man."
"You pig! I knew you'd had my cousin. She's always had an eye for you!"
"Then why did you go for me, huh? Huh?"
"...for your collection of Lego light sabres, that's what."
He laughed and spilled some beer on the worn out carpet.
"Yeah, not much of a choice was there, me and my manly charms or that Brett guy and his toys. That light weight poofter." He tried to grab her around the waist but missed. "Oh, and that first night, eh? There were some fireworks that night, eh?"
"More like cheap roman candles that fizzed out after a few seconds."
He went back to his match and beer.
"And what about the car?"
He was ignoring her now.
"The car! I need to use something to go shopping in! You said you'd sort it out this week!"
The other team scored, making it even.
"There's nothing wrong with the car, it runs like a dream. It's your driving that's the problem."
"Dream? A dream? I once had a dream...but now I don't have time to dream, always rushing around this house, cleaning up after you and the kids. That car is a wreck! It's only good for the demolition derby!"
"That's a great car, that is." He drank up his beer and watched the match.
"Now I've gotta use the bus."
"Whatever. Be quick. Remember the nuts. Oh, and get me some more beer."
The kids went with her.

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