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Friday, June 27, 2014

TIW Summer Open Preliminaries...

Somehow I got into the Iron Writer Summer Eq Prelims :-) I got 2nd behind KA DaVur in that last Grudge match and I sneaked in...have already sent my story and it'll be up next Thursday, so please be sure to vote.
This time, anonymous judges will place each story in their brackets, and the popular vote (where you come in) will be 1/3 of the vote. It is still important to get a large popular vote, but hopefully the judges will mean that something 'good' will get through to the Summer Final, and not some crap which has been voted for by all someone's friends and I always try to write something 'good'. It would be a disgrace for me if I wrote something 'bad' or even worse, boring. My story has depth, jokes, and is connected to a classic'll see.
Other than that, not much going on...except Summer!! :-)

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