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Friday, July 11, 2014

TIW Collaboration: "The Duel of the DLs"

While waiting for the TIW Summer Prelim results, Mathew W. Weaver and myself got together for a little relay once again, and it was finished off this time by DL Zwissler :-) The duelists..DL Zwissler and DL Mackenzie.
'Tis not bad for a little collaboration :-)

"The Duel of the DLs"

The sky had long since darkened, and the storm was ever brutal. A split second flash of lightning seared the picture in mind, the two still figures, all but silhouettes. Water dripped off tangled, soaked hair, and off the muzzles of the ornate Colts pointed at the ground
"Today. Today of all days, it will be settled." grimaced Zwissler, squeezing her Colt, ready for action.
"We both know how this ends. Give up before I do something you regret,"
"Never! The honour of holding the initials 'DL' is mine! I was here first!" Her teeth gleemed white in the dim light of the storm.
"Survival of the fittest, my dear," His eyes never leaving hers, he drew back on the hammer, feeling rather than hearing the reassuring click as the cylinder rolled in place
"Then, let it begin!" Zwissler lifted her Colt in a second and aimed for his heart....
... but a sudden flash of lightning fouled everything. Involuntarily, she raised it and fired, the bullet whizzing past his left ear.
Anger flushed his face as Mackenzie checked his ear. "So that's how we'll play it, huh?" With a straight arm he aimed and fired.
DL Zwissler
But soon he realized she wouldn't really die because red heads have no souls. The end.

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