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Saturday, July 12, 2014

TIW Weekend Quickie #44 LIVE!

Something new!
I wrote up my take on the TIW Weekend Quickie #44 and it was quite successful, I think.
AND, on her podcast broadcast, DL Zwissler, that great erotic indie writer, read it out :-)
Listen to it here! If you want to only hear my story, she reads it out at around 25:00 :-)
I was also involved in an earlier broadcast and the Iron Writers involved were asked to write something inspired by a song...
The inspiration: Clare Bowen - Black Roses
This is what I wrote...I don't usually write poetry...

Seeking help, you poor me, what the hell ya think. 
Weep, weep, til your eyes they bleed.
Take a look at yourself, take a look at the street you live
And walk away.
Did I like the song? You tell me...

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