Sunday, January 25, 2015

5* Review of 'How to Build a Castle in 7 Easy Steps!' :-)

Got my first review of 'How to', from my ol' buddy Jasper T Scott, author of the 'Dark Space' series.
Looking for more :-)

Here is the review!

5 stars!
Format: Paperback
Hilarious! With his usual dry humor, Dani J. knows just how to draw a laugh from his readers. This book is no exception! I'm reminded of a number of older movies and television shows whenever I read Dani's work. The Carry On series of movies comes to mind, as well as the sitcom, Fawlty Towers. Then there's the American classic, Robin Hood Men in Tights. If you enjoy a light-hearted tale with satirical and dry humor, then you'll find this book irresistible!

...and here is a reader with the book itself! :-)

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