Monday, January 19, 2015

How to Build a deep can you get?

Initial sales of the 'How to Build' paperbacks was cool. It almost got into the Top 50,000 books for the day (ranked 50,539) and as an author I got into the Top 10,000 for Book>Literature&Fiction>Genre!
The real sales will happen when my fantastic publisher goes 'on the road' and visits a ton of conventions. Hopefully, the right person will pick a copy up and BAMM!
So what's it all about? You can take it as a piece of entertainment or you can go a little further. The cover is fantastic, some might buy it just for that!
Okay, so, deep...let's go down...POVs (points of view)...
There are 4 POVs, all people (or animals) trying to survive. You have...
Tilotes the cat, suffering from his own hunger,
Norby, reacting from the actions pushed upon him,
Alice, surviving by living under the wing of someone desiring power and wealth and
Chief Haykes, surviving by leading.

Only one of them dies. Guess which one?
Here it is in paperback :-) (cheaper today, I don't know why)

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