Tuesday, January 20, 2015

TIW C98 my own take - POISON

Still a few days until the TIW Winter Solstice Open Final finishes. I have NO IDEA how the judges voted on this one, I can only hope I win the popular vote and get at least 2 points ahead.
To 'fill your gills'...

Here's my Weekend Quickie 81 (83)...

Not lovers Quarrel

(Love, Ice cream, Murder, Heterophobia. 150 words)

Dawn dropped her ice cream and ran, not knowing what else she could do. The screams of passers-by alerted two policeman who happened to be standing at the corner of the plaza.
"He's dead!" howled an old woman, holding one hand to her mouth. "She murdered him!" Her other hand pointed in the direction of Dawn, now jumping down the steps in her Dr. Martens to the metro station below.
She had no idea...why did she react that way? Why did he have to tell her that she loved him? She was gay and he knew it! Enraged, she broke free of his 'loving' embrace and stabbed him in the chest with her overly sharp metal wristbands, the official badge of her 'wolfpack' of lesbian friends and lovers. It was no accident he was dead but she'd never planned to do it, either.
"Stop, madam! Police!"
She kept running.

And Challenge 98 will happen's my own 'take', I love it...


(Botticelli game, long hair, Tiger lily, Steampunk goggles)

"Did you paint a picture of Venus rising?" asked Valerie, smiling from ear to ear. A few tokes and she was high. Once you got used to the stench of his mother’s cat, Beef’s kitchen was warm and inviting.
"You always start with the archetypal question, don’t you?" Beef sat there at the table, his long hair hiding his actions.
"Wrong answer. You’re meant to say…"
"I know what I’m meant to say. No, I am not Sandro Botticelli." He was tinkering with something but Valerie couldn’t see what.
"Are you…? This is boring, you need more people to play this game. Besides, I prefer Vermicelli."
"Food, you’re always hungry, too. Do you know how predicatable you are?"
"I’ll give you predictable!" Valerie smacked him one across the top of his head.
"I am not!" She ignored him until she was sucking roach. "What are you doing?" she asked as she destroyed the cardboard filter in the ashtray. Beef stopped what he was doing and lifted his head to reveal aomng other things, a wonderful bunch of spotty orange flowers. "Ooo, they’re nice. Are they for me?"
"No, they are not." He busied himself with chopping up some of the flowers on a board.
"What are you doing? You’re destroying those!"
"They’re dead already." He continued to chop more.
"What are they? Aren’t they some kind of lilly?"
"Tiger lily."
Beef’s mother came in and Beef híd something under his arm and covered the flowers with his hair.
"Have you fed Alonzo, yet?" She was referring to the cat.
"No, mum. I’ve got a tin here."
"Okay, well, I have to pop out to the shops. Hold the fort." And she walked out of the back door with handbag over shoulder. Beef sat up again and Valerie noticed the cat food under his arm. Their eyes met.
"Tiger lily. Did you know…"
Beef liked to lecture. Valerie searched the table for tobacco papers.
"…has many medicinal uses?"
"I did not know that." She licked the papers, put them together and took out a cigarette.
"It helps in supressing aggressive tendencies…"
"Rather like weed, then, eh?" Breaking the filter off, she ripped open the fag and arranged the tobacco.
"…and has proved to help in the nausea and vomiting of pregnancy."
"I’ll have to remember that one," she winked, taking out her weed and sprinkling some along the pile.
"When baked, the bulbs taste rather like potatoes."
"Cool. When we run out of chips, we’ll all go down to the florists." She wrapped up the paper, licking it closed and twisting one end shut. Only the roach needed.
"But…" Beef pushed the tin of catfood forward and opened it by pulling up the key. From nowhere, the cat Alonzo jumped up on the table. "It has toxic effects on cats." He scraped the flower pieces into the tin and mixed it up. "That’s the last time he poops in my Steampunk goggles."
Valeries watched open-mouthed as the cat tucked in.

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