Saturday, March 28, 2015

The BULLY...closing my account???

I published "Dani's Shorts 4" on Amazon Kindle for 99c (it's available on Smashwords for FREE about a week ago. No one buys a copy from there, but whatever.
In the past week, I have received 4 emails from Amazon KDP telling me that they suspect "Dani's Shorts 4" is not my work (???!!). They say that if I believe it IS, then I should click the button agreeing so...I did that 3 times.
This last email, however, seemed more serious. Actually, it was the same as the last 3 but maybe I realised the implications of what they were saying. If THEY believe it is NOT my work (and they haven't once shown me any evidence of this), they will block this book. They will then block all of my other books on Amazon Kindle, and close my Amazon account.

On their side, there are a few 'collaborations' in "Dani's Shorts 4" with Mathew W. Weaver
(, Christopher A Liccardi ( with
Jordan Bell ( They are, however, a tiny fraction of the whole, perhaps 5 or 6 of the 150+ pieces (if you want to count them, download it from Smashwords) and they have already given me consent to publish them. When they get an Amazon account, I will add their names to the book.

In fact, as of yesterday, they have ALREADY blocked "Dani's Shorts 4" on Amazon Kindle and are threatening to block the rest, including my first 4 novels and the other 3 collections of "Dani's Shorts" which I do actually sell...about 1 copy a month but hey!, I wrote those, I slaved over my computer and poured out words, killed my brain, destroyed my posture...

I wrote them a 'human' email, but all I got back was the same email yet again, warning me of what will happen.

Do I resubmit "Dani's Shorts 4" in the hope that they see sense or a different view?

Do I sit back and watch my whole cumulation of work disappear from Amazon Kindle, regardless of any evidence given/taken, without trial or judgement (other than theirs)?

Do I let the Bully tell me that I didn't write my own work?

Wasn't it me who wrote all that stuff? Well, they're trying to tell me I didn't...I'm confused...

What do you think?

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