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Friday, April 3, 2015

7th review! Yay!

Yes, there are people out there reading my NEW book (other than "Dani's Shorts 4" on Smashwords).
Just picked up my 7th great review on (my 9th or 10th I think so far, including, and Goodreads).
Here's a link to the book, "How to Build a Castle in Seven Easy Steps", and below is the review...

on April 3, 2015
Format: Paperback
Dani Caile effortlessly conjures for his readers a mayhem-filled Medieval landscape dotted with semi-lucid hags,
farty princesses, crooked officials... Sounds a coin-flip between fiction and NON fiction, doesn't it? As a rule,
fantasy books are abundant in imagery and not much else (too often, characters laugh for no reason because 
some author THINKS he's told a joke but can't quite get his pen around the funny). HOW TO BUILD A CASTLE 
IN SEVEN EASY STEPS is different in the best possible way. It is the first book in [my] recallable memory in 
which the characters talk and relate to one another without the interplay between them feeling forced.
If you've not yet read it, please do. You won't be sorry.

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