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Friday, April 3, 2015

April the 8th! "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice"

I'm in the TIW Open Round again, the 7th time...but there are no names on the if you dare!

I also have a few things in a children's compilation with The Indie Collaboration, a poem (Reflections) and a story (Tommy Tentacles and Mr Fox...adapted from a story by the late Nanny Shorey and including reference to the new Indiana's "Religious Freedom" Law).
The Indie Collaboration bring out regular compilations to promote their writing. I don't know who has contributed but I'll know soon.
The book will come out on the 8th of April (2015), on Smashwords (free? I think so).
I don't usually do exclusively children stuff, but I thought 'why not'...
I'll post when it's available.
Here's the cover! (the purple might be changed to blue)

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