Monday, April 13, 2015

Over 100 downloads! ...yip yip...

"Dani's Shorts 4" FLEW past the 100 free downloads mark yesterday (well, I say 'flew', I mean 10+ downloads in one day). Now maybe someone will read it and leave a review? Who knows? Sometimes these things happen...
Working on short stories for anthologies at the moment, but those 2 novel ideas are STILL knawing at my fingers, waiting, wondering when they'll come to light. I like it when I get an idea and DO it, not sit on it forever, then have to reread it again and again, trying to find where I got, how far I need to go. What is even more frustrating is that I lost about 4000 words of one somewhere... ebooks...:-) Take 'em, read 'em, review 'em :-)


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