Saturday, May 16, 2015

Time for a post

It's been a while since I posted.
I'd like to say that everything is going swell, everything is going fine.
But all I see is 'smileys'...with a kick to the face.
After being asked to, I watched 'The Maze Runner' (and read a bit). 7 million readers can't be wrong.
Had an idea for a 'Maze Runner' parody. Would anyone read it?
Now? At the moment, waiting on any news from my new book "How to", watching a few downloads of my free ebooks go out every day, waiting for my next sale, waiting for any of my ideas to take root in my head so I can write them seems I'm waiting...BUT nothing comes to those who wait.
So...back to writing...
On another note...
Well over 200 copies of 'Dani's Shorts 4' are out there somewhere! Not bad for 6 weeks, that's 40 downloads a week...OK, OK, I know someone who SOLD over 1500 copies in April (and that was a slow month for her), but these numbers for me are good.

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