Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bullying - WQ127

This week's Iron Writer Weekend Quickie brought back some memories. happened. It still happens. Maybe someone in your social circle, someone at work, one of your neighbours or family, whatever. It's not big, it's not clever, it's a cliche.
Here's my take this week, along with a few others, read them if you wish here....

...or read mine right below :-)
PLUS the Sci-fi Christmas short story (3000 words) is complete! A quick read through and done :-)

Weekend Quickie 127 - (image of bully pushing kid’s head on desk, best friends, gratitude)

"I...I...didn't bring any money," squirmed Kevin, sitting at his desk as Carl, the school bully, and his sidekick Dave loomed over him.
"Well, that's gratitude for ya! I make you my best friend and you can't be bothered to pay for my school lunch when I'm in dire need? Now is that right, I ask you? To leave a friend, a best friend, out in the lurch like that? Eh?"
"I...I..." Kevin looked around the class, hoping someone would come and help, but the others sat, ignoring their little situation.
"I think not! I'm gonna have to give you a reminder of where you an me stand! See that mark scratched in your desk, the one I put there yesterday and you got detention for? That mark means you and me are best buddies! Get it? See?"
"I..." He tried to move but Carl forced him down, to the amusement of Dave.
"I don't think you're looking at it close enough! See it now? Eh? Eh?"
Carl pushed Kevin's face onto his desk, not once, not twice, but three times. As a crack appeared in his glasses he saw on the board that it was only Tuesday.

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