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Monday, August 31, 2015

"Manna-X" IS free :-)

And it has been for a few days :-)
It's creeping up the "Humor" ratings, it started out on #80 and is now at #57.
Go and help it climb higher, PLEASE!!! If it gets in the TOP 10, someone might NOTICE it!!
(It's available on all Amazon sites)

My story is still up in the Iron Writer Challenge 125, so if you feel like voting for your favourite story, please click in the box over here...

And, of course, I did WQ130 on the Iron Writer...
But here it is, anyway, all nice and big for ya :-)

Weekend Quickie 130 – image of crazed/frightened dirty face of a woman/beast, frog gigging, hysteria. 250 words

I heard the splashing of water and cracking of branches to my left along the lake's side. It was late, or early, 2:00am. Someone was running towards me in the darkness, at least, I hoped it was 'someone'. I put down my fishing rod and fumbled for my torch. The batteries were dead. 3 meters out I saw a dark silhouette of a girl, desperately fighting through the tree roots and mud. She broke into the small clearing and fell into my arms.
"Run! Run! It's coming!"
I looked behind her and saw only trees.
"Calm down, there's nothing there." Her face and hands were coated in dirt, her t-shirt ragged, ripped. But that was nothing. Her eyes showed fear, bordering on hysteria. There was a snap out in the forest and she jumped.
"It's coming!" She almost wrestled herself from my grip.
"Hey, hey! What happened? Shhh. Calm down."
" and Alice, we...we were out frog gigging, we...we'd reached the record, Dani's record of 129 frogs and...and..." She hid her face into my chest. "It appeared!"
"What appeared?"
"It! It was normal to start with, talking about frogs and gigs, but... then came the first snide, derogatory remark, and then...then..."
"What? What happened?"
"It attacked Alice! I ran! I couldn't save her!" She cried, blowing her nose on my jacket. There was a louder noise, closer now. The girl screamed. And then I saw it.

"No, no, it can't's, it's..."

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