Saturday, September 5, 2015

More Iron Writer...WQ131

After winning Challenge 125, I tried Challenge 126, though I fear I may be murdered through misunderstanding, so I1ll leave it until 'Dani's Shorts 5' to show that one. It might not be noticed...though I doubt it.
Anyway, here's WQ 131!
You can go here to see it...
Or read it here :-)

Weekend Quickie 131-  an image of a woman walking in a lonely dark street, high tension, a surprise

The town was quiet, the night cool. Only the light of the moon hitting the cobblestones broke the darkness of the streets. He followed her, keeping his distance. The tension was unbearable now, he didn't know for how long he could hold it inside, the desire to act burning his brain.
Each step raised the stakes, brought the inevitable closer. His hands shook, sweat flowed down his neck. Tonight would be the night. Finally, so many opportunities missed, so many chances blown, now was the time. She stopped for a moment and he slunk back, out of view. She continued to move on. He couldn't risk it, it had to be. His body quivered in anticipation, tension. Taking a side street, he quietly quickened the pace, using shortcuts he'd memorised for years, knowing his moment would come if he persevered.
Peeping from a corner he could see her, closer now. Soon, so very soon. Creeping back down the alley, he took those last few twists and turns between houses, walls at breakneck speed, making sure he would gain on her as she walked her usual route.
Reaching his goal, he took one last breath before plunging into what he had planned for so long. Everything was perfect! Now, now he had to act! He jumped out from the shadows and met her face to face.
"Oh, Richard! Next time remember to wear your trainers! I heard your shoes a mile off, you idiot." She stormed off in a huff.

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