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Sunday, September 6, 2015

More of WQ131...and WQ132

Richard Russell laid down the challenge in the Iron Writer Facebook Group to come up with two different stories using the same elements in Weekend Quickie 131. I did it. Here it is...
Or here...

WQ131 – (second) - image of lonely dark alley with woman walking away, high tension, a surprise. 250 words

"Item number 131, "Woman on Lonely Street" by Ivan Oldslumpypiecopooh. Let's start the bidding at, say, 100 Euros," smiled the auctioneer.
"1000!" shouted a woman from the back. 1000 Euros? It had already escalated.
"1500!" I said. It was going to be tough.
"1500 to you, sir," said the auctioneer.
"2000!" The people in the room began to mutter.
"2500!" I gave back. The muttering grew, as did the tension in the room.
"3000!" The auctioneer's eyes fell on me.
"Sir, the bid against you is 3000 Euros."
I started to bite my fingernails. I knew it would be a fight but the stakes were high.
"Going once, going twice..."
"4000!" That was almost everything I had. The auctioneer looked over to the woman. If only he would hit the gavel now!
"10,000!" screamed the woman from the back. I shook my head and the hammer hit the gavel.
"The Oldslumpypiecopooh is yours, madam." Applause filled the room and a man stood up.
"Stop! That picture is a fake!"
"Sir! How dare you accuse this famed auctioneer house of handling a fake! How dare you! Where's your proof, sir?"
"I AM Ivan Oldslumpypiecopooh and I know for a fact that I did not paint that monstrosity!"
There were gasps in the room and the woman who won the bid fainted. The auctioneer fell back in his chair, flabbergasted.
"Well, that's a surprise," said the man next to me.
"Really?" I asked.
"Yes, I thought the old git was dead."

I also did WQ132. Some of you may recognise this. It's an action from my past life...

132 - Pretend you are writing a story, or a scene, which will be included into a full length movie and your story/scene will be accompanied by a song in the background.   Pick a song then write a story/scene for the song to compliment.  Word count doesn’t matter, but keep it short; 100 to 300 words ought be enough.  Be sure to include a link to the song so we can listen to it as we picture your story/scene in our minds.

(100 words)

Time leave. It was all too much. The drugs, the people, the knives in backs, the lies, the fights, the jokes, the girls looking for a good time. All under the guise of a rock band. Rock band? We were playing regurgitated blues. Badly. If I could have stood it for just a moment longer, I'm sure I'd have a ton of money in my palm, but why? To be here a little longer, in the gutter, going nowhere fast, killing myself, one molecule at a time? I picked up my rucksack and guitar and headed for the front door.

Aimee Mann - Calling it Quits

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