Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Accepted! Short story in another anthology!

I submitted a short story to a new publisher for me, Strange Musings Press, for the anthology 'One Star Reviews of the Afterlife 5', that means there were 4 before this...a funny story about the afterlife, and they rejected it. But this was different. The editor actually told me what he didn't like about my story. So, after a day or so of running around, getting upset, I sat down and thought 'hey, maybe I can fix this'. And that's what I did. I even added about 500 words which put me up into the second level of submissions (increasing any royalties). And you know what? They accepted it! Even with one typo (I sent them the correction just now).
So, I've got a story in another anthology! Coming out in the 2nd quarter of 2016. Watch this space...OK, watch it a bit later :-)

Extra starts the Iron Writer Autumn Open Final, and I'm one of three writers who need votes! Link later.
Extra extra news...broke the 5000 word barrier with the new book :-) 10% done!

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