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Saturday, October 10, 2015

WQ137 +

...for my new novella 'All For Love' to appear in some message somewhere, telling me it's close to publication, because it was edited and the cover was ready 3 months ago...
...for the Iron Writer Autumn Open to begin next week and the crazy collection of votes can start...
...for the October Firefly Magazine to come out...
...for the chance to continue with my 'collaboration' book with DL Zwissler which might help me reach a larger audience...
...for ideas to finish the 2nd book in the 'How to' series.

But now...
...I've had a go at the WQ137...

And just to help those with weary clicking fingers, here it is... :-)

137 – image of an empty rail track in the autumn, melancholy, nostalgia

Leaves fell as he lay there, strewn across the tracks.
"I remember when we came here, anytime we could. We sat beside this track, blanket down, basket out, holding cheese sandwiches and our glasses of Chardonnay, and we watched as the 3:20 from Bexhill whizzed by."
The tracks began to vibrate, upsetting those leaves resting on the smooth, worn steel rails.
"You'd laugh as I choked on my last gulp of wine, and I wouldn't mind. To be with you was...everything... Those were the days... and now, now that you have left... now there is an emptiness, a melancholy, a bottomless pit of despair. The blanket is down, the basket out, but there are no sandwiches for two, no glass of Chardonnay."
He took a last swig from his Jack Daniels bottle and threw it into the woods.
"I wish for those days again, to relive them, to breath them, to feel them... But it cannot be. Those days have gone forever."
The rumble of the train grew louder, the tracks coming alive.
"And so I say farewell. To you. To the memory of you."
The train's horn blew long and hard as it sped along the tracks.


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