Monday, November 23, 2015

4 Murdered Shakespearean Plays!

So far in the last four years, I've re-written (murdered) 4 Shakespearean plays for the groups I teach in school so that they can perform them on the bard's birthday (which just happens to be the same official birthday of Éva Janikovszky, of whom the school is named after).
The first was Midsummer Night's Dream and although there are very few 'original' lines, it was long and kept to the 'style'. The kids had to learn A LOT of lines. But they did it. The performance was 30 minutes long!
The second, done by the same group, was Macbeth (renamed "Beth" because the role was played by a girl). Down to only 15 minutes, it was more concise, funnier, and had a LOT of 'blood'...Macbeth killed everyone and anyone.
The third, with another group, was Romeo & Juliet, with a LOT of silly lines and overacted 'love'...between Romeo (played by a girl) and Juliet (played by...a girl). The 10 minutes performance was 'punchy' and 'alive'. The kids had their own 'media' team that produced the video (I have videos of all 3 performances).
The fourth and latest, which we are working on now is Twelfth Night. Again, based on 'love' and confusion, it should make for a good performance around the 10-15 minute mark.
One day I'll put them all in a book so that people can read them...and other groups could play them! Maybe I'll do that this year, 4 plays seems a good number.

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