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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Problems with Writing (part 1)

When you get into writing, you don't realise that one day, any day, and at any time, an idea will pop into your head. A simple idea, a clear, clever idea, and then you think about it, and expand on it, and then you realise "Hey, there's a book in that", and then you think about it some more, and time passes, and things you should be doing get waylaid, then you realise that "Hey, I should be writing this down", so you search for anything, paper, pen, pencil, beermat, tablet, mobile phone (scratch that, autocorrect is such a bummer), wall, and you write down what you already have, then you see some holes, you fill them in, realise you've gotta make a plot, gotta make it real, find out what and how and why and when and where and who and whose and then once you've written it down, you think, when, when can I sit down and write this one out? When can I take the time out to write this sick, sweet, mother of a book out, before it eats you up inside? Like, whenever you can, I guess...

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