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Saturday, November 7, 2015

WQ 141 - Hummingbirds together!

Yes, it's Saturday, which means 'Iron Writer Weekend Quickie'!
Here's this weekend''s the website...
...and here's my take :-)

Weekend Quickie 141
Write a 200 word story...

Elements: image of two hummingbirds on a water dispenser (see above), persistence, an awkward reunion

"Long time, no see!" bobbed Jyle. Ronch hadn't seen him land on the water dispenser. Jyle was the last hummingbird he wanted to share this place with. "How are things?"
"Like you'd care," spat Ronch, putting his beak back down into the water.
"I...err...yeah, well, I thought..."
"You thought wrong." Ronch dunked himself into the water and fluttered his feathers.
"After all this time, I thought..."
"Well, you thought wrong!" His old flying buddy looked perplexed. "What did you expect, huh? After all that time, energy and persistence, all that dancing, calling and pruning, and what happened? I got to see you fly off with the girl you knew I loved!" Ronch picked at a lice.
"Well, you can't blame me..."
"What? You knew I'd been working on her all season! I thought we were friends!"
"We... we are friends, Ronch. Look, I'm sorry, alright?"
"It ain't 'alright'! Alright?" With another flutter, Ronch opened up his wings and cleared away a few more unwelcome guests. Living without a partner had put him on the outer boundaries, homeless.
"What if I get you a fish, eh?" Jyle tested his wings, ready to fly.
"Well, that might help...sure, okay!"

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