Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Decadent lives!

I read an Upworthy post "13 devastating photos to show your friend who doesn't believe in climate change"

 I believe that we are destroying our planet with our decadent way of life and sure, that’s fine, I’m all for images that help convince people that we should all do something about it…BUT…can those that need convincing of this fact connect to ANY image? No, they can't, the leap is too vast, leaving us ignorant of the significance.

And in conclusion, the writer states that the World leaders are being pressurised by YOU to create more eco-friendly policies. No. World leaders don’t care about climate change. They care about power and money. If there’s none of that in fixing our planet, it’s not going to happen. Full stop.

But these images? Did they convince you to stand up and do something or were your reactions closer to the words of a barbarian?

We can’t connect to these images, or any. They don’t hit us, they don’t touch our prosperous lives of running water, 24/7 electricity and wall to wall cable TV. We don’t understand that every time we have another coffee or play another round of Fallout or drive down the road that we are destroying our planet a little at a time. We cannot change our habits because the people around us do not change theirs and if we change, we will be seen as insane.

When climate change hits us on a personal level, as with anything, we will change. But unfortunately, it will be too late. You were a member of the richest part of our race, living and working in the most privileged part of our world, a world we are helped to destroy.

So what can we do? Accept our lives should be different. Change. A little every day. Maybe we’ll get lucky…

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