Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bush Paiute Tribe ignored?

Okay, it's now the third week of the Bundy Oregon Standoff and STILL nothing has happened to these WHITE GUYS with GUNS. They have no right to that land, at all.
The Bush Paiute tribe, however, have every right to take over that land...because it's theirs!
This news article over here says it all...
130 years ago, they were marched off their land by the US Cavalry but the Government couldn't be bothered to RATIFY the Treaty they forced the tribe to sign! No respect! You see, they're NOT WHITE.
Now there's the threat that 4000 ancient artifacts on that land could be OR always have been stolen, parts of history that cannot be brought back. Now THAT'S criminal.
But what I don't get is...why doesn't anyone LISTEN to the Bush Paiute Tribe?
Oh, hang on...
Because they are NOT WHITE and DON'T HAVE GUNS...simple, really.

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