Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Oregon Fiasco!

This Oregon thing is hilarious. Thirty Right wing men and women (WHITE) have taken over a Federal wildlife refuge WITH GUNS demanding the Feds look into returning land claims...
Really? Are you serious? To them? Yep. (Tangent: They're unemployed and retired, right? Do they get Government benefits and/or food stamps or something?)

Thankfully, now there are a ton of sources that state the record belongs to the Paiute tribe.
..etc, etc.
What I got from the Washington Post goes something like this...
In 1868 the leaders of the Paiute tribe were forced to sign a Treaty by the Feds (as were many other tribes) and were then marched under armed guard off the land in the Oregon winter (walking through a few feet of snow) to a place next to a city dump (which had nothing to offer them).
BUT because the Senate has/had NO RESPECT for NON-WHITES, they didn't bother to ratify the Treaty, thus making it void... therefore, under American Law, the land still belongs to the Paiute tribe.
And what's happening?
Nothing. No one listens to them.
Because they're NOT WHITE and they DON'T HAVE GUNS sticking in your face.

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