Sunday, January 10, 2016

"All For Love" Release Party! (+WQ161)

You're invited!
Yes, a party! You're invited to the "All For Love" Facebook Release Party! Come and join! There'll be a cover reveal, book trailer, website, maybe a few games...come!

The Iron Writer 2015 Winter Open Prelims is still on, so if you'd like to read some stories, come over to the Iron Writer website...

And WQ161 is up! I think I did did many others on the site.
And mine is here, too :-)

WQ161 - image above (pick a song for this man to be singing), a captive audience, a short window of opportunity

Dave held them captive in the local pub with his crazy rendition of Billy Idol’s “In the Midnight Hour” on his accordion. I almost forgot our plan as his mesmerizing antics on the lounge’s pool table while wearing his beloved protective goggles made the audience ‘cry for more’. Only the shove from a couple of girls coming back from the toilets brought me back. There would be only a short window of opportunity and there was no way I could miss it, otherwise all would be lost. I edged to the bar and slid behind the backs of those sitting on the stools, all of them cheering Dave on with drinks in their hands. Getting closer to the landlord standing behind the counter and watching Dave while cleaning a glass with his favourite towel, I tried to catch his eye. On my fifth attempt, he noticed me and reluctantly put the glass down and leaned over to hear me.
“What can I get yer, mate?” said the landlord.
“Two pints of ale and a packet of pork scratchings, please!” I shouted above the noise. I waved over to Dave and gave him the thumbs up. Finally, we had been served!

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