Sunday, March 13, 2016

100 Free downloads! + Daffodil the dog

"Dani's Shorts 5" has finally hit 100 FREE downloads! I hope someone reads it.
AND someone read 3 pages of "Rage of Atlantis" on KENP! Oh, the "Big Time"...let me rest after that excitement...
Oh yes, Daffodil... the name of a certain person's dog. Now, because of the law in this country, this dog has a chip which shows where it is. Its home. Strange. How can that place be its home? This huge place is owned by a company... of the father of this certain person. The estates around this estate are owned by friends and associates of this certain person. Hundreds of millions of Forints have gone into these estates in recent years in building and renovation. This certain person goes to these estates during the week. This certain person has no property... at least that's what this certain person's tax return says. Mmmm, whatever could it mean?

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