Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Referendum Run update - CORRUPTION

The evidence of corruption at the highest levels is building up every day.
Remember the 'Referendum Run' on the 23rd February 2016? The main Opposition Party wanted to hand in a question to the National Election Commitee to create a referendum to get the shops back open on Sundays.
Note: Life is hard without Sunday opening. As a parent, I find little time to go shopping, working through the week, getting the children to their separate extra-curriculum activities, and Saturday can be filled with many other things, like events, family gatherings, college, whatever. Sunday would give a 'breather' to an already hectic life. But no, the Government decided to close them to allow us all to go to church...WTF? I don't give a shit about religion, I think....OK, tangent there...
Anyway, thanks to Camera 5 and Camera 7 on the street of that fateful morning, EVERYONE can see that about 15 thugs, all working together, stopped the Opposition Party members from entering the building to hand in their question before the 'old lady who just happens to be the wife of a pro-Government Town Mayor' (see Camera 7 here)
In fact, the thugs begin collecting at 4.10am...surely the Police driving by could see something was happening...the Opp. Party members arrive at 5:55am, while the 'white-haired old lady' arrives at 6:45am, 15 minutes before the office opens.
Budapest Beacon has a good rundown about the times...
They also mention that these videos were NOT ALLOWED to be SEEN in the meeting when the National Election Committee approved the 'old lady''s "keep the shops closed" question.
Because they blantantly show that these thugs allowed the 'old lady' to push in front of them and blocked the Opp. Party members?
The video shows that these thugs had no intention of doing anything other than acting as a wall...imagine the scene, you've been waiting behind about 15 big guys for 50 minutes, along comes an 'old lady' with another guy, who's pushed behind the group of big guys BUT is still in front of you, THEN when the office opens, the 'old lady' sneaks in and the big guys don't scream and shout about the fact that she pushed in front of them? Then, only after the 'old lady' has given in her paperwork, you can enter the building... to find you cannot hand it in.
Corruption. On a large scale.
1. The group of thugs (security guards at Fradi football stadium) and their boss (pro-Government) should be imprisoned for obstruction.
2. The Opposition Party should be allowed to hold a referendum on whether shops should be open on Sundays.
THAT is democratic. Of course, this little country hasn't got a democratic bone in its body, but there you go...


  1. You're right about the lack of democratic bones. You can do two things: arrange the proper revolution that Hungary never had around '89 or leave. Getting angry at all this is pointless.

  2. I like you , Szaki ? I feel that the EU is now beginning to learn the UK trick , there is no point in anything , The UK has now proved that generation after generation the government can do just what they like ? I think its a now global little mafia fight that has somehow gone global ? I think we must all find a desert like in the pic and the good people regroup ?????

  3. Ps , I only read and react ? please accept my apology if it is needed .

  4. Yes, Simon. I thought I'd found a desert...