Sunday, March 27, 2016


A busy week or two... thanks to those idiot suicide bombers in Brussels, we now have armed policemen everywhere. Any excuse to show some force and scare the citizens of this little country..."You see! We are under attack! Run to your homes! Support the Megalomaniac who runs your country!"
AND they passed that law which allows the PM and the President to spend the citizens money any which way they please IN SECRET.
The place is falling apart. Walk out in the street and you'd think nothing has changed, except for a few machine guns. Everything has changed.
Anyway...yes, the Iron Writer Weekend Quickie 172 in up!
I'm also in the 2016 Iron Writer Winter Open...later...
Here's WQ 172 up on the website....

And here is my 'take'...

WQ172 - image above, infatuation, a mechanical failure, windfall

"Stop your incessant infatuation with Manhatten, alright?" screamed XC23567, poking her finger into the map.
"But I love the greenness, look at it, it's so, so GREEN!" said FB45235. "I want it, I want it so much!"
"In your dreams, FB45235. Now, go back to planning the destruction of California and forget the Big Apple!" XC23567 pushed FB45235 away from the board.
"The Big Apple? I'm not hungry," said FB45235, confused and eating his pencil.
"You want Manhatten but you don't know they call New York 'the Big Apple'? You don't deserve Manhatten! Get back to work!" She pushed him again, only for him to turn around and give a knowing grin.
"But I can pay for it, see?" FB45235 pulled out a crate of EE457 circuits from under his desk.
"On my cables! Where did you get those?" XC23567 had never seen so many all in one place.
"A windfall, from my mother's side."
"What? the FB4 or the 235? I...I don't understand. Mother?" XC23567 began to smoke.
"You will understand very soon," said FB45235, grabbing an EE457 circuit and giving it to XC23567, causing her to have a mechanical failure. "At last! Manhatten is mine!" he laughed.

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