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Saturday, August 6, 2016


Yes, it's time for the next Weekend Quickie!

 191 - image above, disparity, dramatic irony, dogmatism

"I can see one!" said Doug through his telescope as the sun was going down under the horizon. "He's got a hat on, one of those bobble hats!"
"Are yer sure?" asked Ted. "All I see is a guy with a brimmed hat, looking through a telescope like yers," he said, looking through his binoculars the wrong way round.
"Really? I'm sure it's a bobble hat... anyway, we gotta kill any immigrant we see trying to cross the border, they're taking jobs away from born and bred Americans!" said Doug, scratching his head and raising his brimmed hat a little.
"Damn right, Doug! Those pesky im'grants are taking away our jobs an' killing the economy! So we gotta fight back!" Ted lifted his rifle and looked into his sight. "Darn it! He's gone!"
"No, he ain't! I can see him! Shoot, Ted, shoot!" screamed Doug.
"Alright, alright, I'll use me binoculars again... there he is! Brimmed hat an' all. Now, if I can just raise me rifle with one hand..." Ted's rifle lined up with the back of Doug's head. "I think I'm ready."
"Shoot, Ted, shoot!"
The shot rang out across the valley and Doug fell to the ground.

More news? You'd like more news? There's a little...
Editing 'How 2' and working on a little zombie story for an anthology.
Yep. Still alive, still breathing... 

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