Saturday, August 27, 2016

WQ194 + Manna-X FREE

"Manna-X" is still FREE and I still need REVIEWS...20 gets me on a list, 50 gets me featured!

But wait! What's that? Iron Writer Weekend Quicke 194?
Here it is!

WQ194 – A salesman, image above, a seemingly useless item, a practical application

The salesman thought he'd made a killing on the Northern Matabele tribe way out on the African plains, selling them that 5 man rowing boat, complete with oars. Sure, he'd given it with a huge discount and promised 3 years free waxing service and a 10 year guarantee (which of course was bogus), but it was better than lugging the useless thing across the dry, hot country. What made him laugh was that they were unaware that there was no 5 man rowing event in the Olympics and that their idea of being the first aboriginal African tribe to get a medal in the next Games was a pipe dream. And besides, where the hell were they going to train? He smiled all the way back to Cape Town. 
For a while, the tribe was all ready to break the World Record and show those white folks how to really row, until it dawned on them that water was needed for this sport, a lot of it, and in a very long line. Finally, Nbutu, the brains of the tribe came up with a practical application for the oars - after some cutting, reshaping and sharpening, they made pretty good spears.

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