Saturday, September 17, 2016

WQ197 + news

So close to 200 Quickies! How many quickies have you ever 'done'? Now there's a question...

News... waiting on a ton of anthologies for some news, maybe I'll have a story in, maybe not. My new novel is now in the 'editing' process. And working on Niume...

But now...!

WQ197 - Image of two people with gas masks, improvise, deprivation, great urgency

"I can't see the words," said Harry, holding the empty box. "I need reading glasses, and with this goddamn mask on, I can't wear them."
"What?" asked Sally.
"What?" replied Harry. "I can't read the instructions with this on! How do we test for gas?"
"Left my gas? This isn't my doing, Harry! I swear I didn't have lentils today!" said Sally.
"You think of something! You're the dutiful one!" Harry threw the box on the ground.
"Oh, Harry, I really can't take your sarcasm anymore! You know I'm not beautiful! I'm as ugly as mud!" said Sally.
"Fake your orgasm? Why bring that up?" asked Harry.
"Look, I'm going to improvise! I'll take my gas mask off and take a small breath!" said Sally, doing just that with great urgency.
"What? A small death? I believe the French call it 'the little death'," remarked Harry, watching as Sally fell to the floor and began to wiggle and writhe on the ground. With the deprivation of oxygen, Sally gave a few last grunts, rolled her eyes and lay still, dead.
"Yes, yes, that's what my second ex was like, really. So she was faking it, eh?" asked Harry. "What a bitch."

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