Saturday, October 1, 2016

Brigitte - Weekend Quickie 199

Yes! WQ 199! Only one more till 200!

WQ199 - image above, Slight, indignation, Facade


"Ah, look at them." Brigitte heard their mother, a few feet behind them. "They look like twins, bless them, so sweet." However, this 'bonding moment' was only a facade.
"Your slight has filled me with indignation, Billy," said Brigitte, her grip squeezing her brother's shoulder.
"I'm sorry, sis," he said. His whiny pitiful voice filled her with rage.
"You will have to pay," she said, turning her head and giving her mother a smile, only to turn back with a grimace for Billy.
"I know. Do I have to hit my...?"
"No, Billy, your crime is much greater than that."
"Does it involve my...?"
"Why, of course. It is the symbol of feminine oppression throughout the world. There can be no other punishment." She let go of his shoulder and pointed towards the beach. "Find a sharp shell, one of those long ones. Hold it at the base and cut."
"Will...will it hurt?" asked Billy.
"Of course it will. But don't worry. You will be happy."
Billy nodded and walked down onto the beach.
"That's the last time you play with my Blush Beauty Barbie doll, dear Billy."
Her parents ran to a fallen Billy as the sand turned red.

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