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Sunday, November 11, 2018

FREE BOOK + A few new reviews...from the anthologies!

Due to the launch of my new book (see at the bottom of this post), I'm giving my FIRST BOOK FREE for THREE DAYS!
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12th to the 14th!
Just click on the title to get there...


The cover isn't so great, so I'll put this excellent picture up instead...

I've also been checking out reviews and a few have popped up recently from the anthologies I'm in.
Here's one from October and another from a few days ago...

CEA Greatest Anthology Written (the book trying for the Guinness World Record)


FLASH! (the 2nd anthology from Jason Brick)

Looks like we're all doing quite well!
Of course, my NEW book is out, you know... did you know? Have I already told you?

How to Sink a Ship... Can you see what Amazon did here?

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