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Thursday, December 6, 2018

First review in AGES! "How to Sink a Ship"

Yeah! A review for my new book!
It's so good to finally get some feedback for months/years of work! One day it'll be in Kindle, but I think it's still better to get a paperback. Anyway, here's the review from my pal Jasper Scott!

5.0 out of 5 stars (December 5, 2018)
Hilarity and Mayhem!

Pirates and Zombies collide in hilarious ways in this unlikely mash-up of genres. The result is pure laughter and distraction from the weightier matters in life. The style and tone is fairly reminiscent of Monty Python, and the writing is fantastic. Dani Caile has reached a pinnacle with this book. I wish someone would make a movie out of it so my wife and I could laugh ourselves to tears together!

And here's the link to my new book!

Jasper Scott is a fabulous sci-fi writer himself, much more famous and successful than me!
You should check out his books, they're all a great read, I thoroughly recommend them.

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