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Saturday, January 19, 2019

19th MANNA-X Review!

I now have my 19th Manna-X review! After five days of FREE ebooks, with almost 500 copies downloaded across the world - the majority on - I have my 19th!!! ...I haven't kept up with the quantity of Manna-Xs out there, somewhere. Probably about 3000+ now, maybe more - though very few were actually bought. But hey, I'm not a 'name'.
So, the review?
Well, it's a 3 star, the first for Manna-X... BUT if you have a quick look at the review, you can see that...
1. The person is in some way religious or has faith in God - therefore it could be difficult for them to like Manna-X, which IS irreverent, as they say..
2. The person doesn't like Douglas Adams, which is the style of Manna-X, basically.

So, considering this, 3 stars is FANTASTIC! "...written very well and with some great dialog" YES! Thank you!
If you did download Manna-X and just haven't got around to reviewing it yet, here's the link...

Here's the short but succinct review! Thank you, 'Kindle Customer', you brought me one step closer to the 'big list'. Thank you!
 Absurd January 17, 2019
Absurd and irreverent, but ultimately only very silly. If you don't like Douglas Adams, you won't like this. Still, written very well with some great dialog.

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