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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Ban the Electoral College Vote!

I'm not an expert but a vote originally based on the number of slaves each state had back in the 18th/19th century just has to be banned.
When it was first introduced, the Electoral College vote allowed THE WHITE PEOPLE in each US state to have an equal influence in voting by taking into account how many slaves each state had - added to this that these slaves didn't have the right to vote AND that each slave was consider 2/5s a vote, ie. 2/5s of a 'REAL'/WHITE person.
"All men are created equal" - unless you're NOT WHITE.
Of course, a lot of regulations and changes to the Electoral College vote has happened since then, but basically this has all been to try and DISGUISE THE RACISM IN THE UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.
(Sorry about the Capitals there, but somehow this has to be shouted out)
From Wiki itself, here are the reasons why the Electoral College vote is good for the USA:

"Supporters of the Electoral College argue that it is fundamental to American federalism, that it requires candidates to appeal to voters outside large cities, increases the political influence of small states, preserves the two-party system, and makes the electoral outcome appear more legitimate than that of a nationwide popular vote."

Bullshit. All that I understand from this is that the racist white people can keep their white supremacist power if the Electoral College Vote is used.

Direct voting or nothing. 
Ban the Electoral College Vote based on racism.
One person, one vote. 
And of course, Mail-in voting works!
(There are other countries with voting problems, too... later)

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