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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

#FREE Gubacsi Dulu - Last Day of 3!

 Yes, the book has done so well in the free downloads, excellent, thank you all!

Still time to download if you already haven't! A whole day to go...

Hopefully I'll get some more reviews, and hopefully some 4 and 5 stars (well, that's really up to you, put down your honest feedback, that's what I really want)

One thing that got me on the Amazon ranking was that I got to No.1 on Children's Steampunk, and No.2 on both Science-Fiction Adventure and Steampunk Science-Fiction (my book has slipped down to No.4 now, so the chance is lost)... and it was the same book which stopped me from getting the No.1 slot. And it wasn't even FREE.. it was the MOST EXPENSIVE KINDLE I'VE EVER SEEN! ($22.90!!!!!!)

Let's have a look at that...

The author has been writing for many years now, has tons of good reviews, holder of many writing awards, and sells their books at heavy prices. If you can do it, why not? So, I read some of  'Knocking on Heaven's Door' (terrible ripoff title, by the way), and then I ignored the 5 and 4 star reviews because obviously they were seeing something I wasn't. The 2 star reviews were describing what I saw: boring, slow, chaotic. Funny thing is, the book starts with a cat, like my 'How to' series! The dialogue, one of my favourite things to look at is the typical, sparse fantasy talk...the first four lines of dialogue strewn across the first couple of pages (yes, description, description, description for those readers who have no thought of their own)...

Anyway, to have the No.1 FREE Ebook slot to be taken away by a $22.90 boring book just sums up life, really. Like when 'Golden Brown' got stuck on the No.2 slot and couldn't beat a terrible cover of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' (which is a great song but that cover was awful and was brought out to make sure The Stranglers didn't get a No.1 - conspiracy theory there) 

I've sent a message to Amazon and also Tweeted to the book's publisher because the author is... nowhere. But nobody cares. My free promo will be over, I won't be able to get that nice little screenshot with No.1 in all three categories, poor little ol' nobody me... so I 'fixed' it (Photoshopped) to how it SHOULD HAVE BEEN WITHOUT a HIGHLY PRICED Kindle in the TOP 100 FREE list! POS Amazon.

Update: I jumped over the HIGHLY PRICED BOOK, only for 3 other FREE books to jump me.. so my 2 second chance of glory is lost forever... BUT the book is still available to download for free (see above :-))

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