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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Still going strong! Gubacsi Dulu (and Radnoti X)!

 Yes, the Humanity H2o series is still moving along, with Gubacsi Dulu with 22 ratings (just received an international 4 star, I think) and still #9 in Children's Steampunk, with Radnoti X (after being No.1 and Farkas Alpha No.2) is still No.3 New Release in the same sub category. Gubacsi Dulu is still also under the #100k ranking overall!

 NEWS: I'm waiting on my Beta readers of Radnoti X, and will soon be able to publish. As for Farkas Alpha, I know where I'm going with it and I'm beginning to write - ideas are sprouting from its roots! Oh, what an end that'll be!

Gubacsi Dulu...!

Pre-Order Radnoti X and Farkas Alpha...!

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