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Sunday, November 1, 2020

My Beta Readers! Aren't they GREAT!

 As mentioned yesterday, one of my Beta readers finished Farkas Alpha, enjoying the story to the full! (Spotting typos, too, there were a few). Here's the story they put up this morning on Instagram! (excluding names, of course!) Thank you, kind Beta Reader! (I named two characters (TWO) after this person - they read all three books in two weeks!

And here is another one of my Beta readers, enjoying the delights of Radnoti X while doing a hygge (hoo-ga), a Danish relaxation technique, to cozy up in a bathtub and read, while drinking wine. When they mentioned to me I'm doing a 'hygge' in the bathtub with your book... I was worried...! But apparantly the Danish do this all the time! (Smiley face there to protest the innocent! LOL)

So, come and join my Beta readers (crazy people but I love them!) and over 1200 others and delve into the world that is Humanity H2O!

Still looking for reviews and ratings! The more, the merrier!

Humanity H2O! MTSG!

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