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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

First Beta Reader gives feedback on Reif's Return!

I think the best thing for me to do here is copy the Foreword that'll be in the book from the first ever reader of Reif's Return!

Foreword from the First Reader

"It was a great opportunity and fantastic experience to read Reif’s Return. In Farkas Alpha’s foreword I wrote that Dani J. Caile had become one of my favourite writers. Reading this last book, he became my absolute favourite writer! There’s something very special about all of his books. They are logical, exciting, fun and quite easy to read despite all the adventures and complicated things going on in them. This one made me smile, laugh and think a lot. It made me feel.

I loved the whole story. It was believable, a bit crazy, but believable. And amazingly logical. Yet again. The end was really surprising. At first I felt a bit strange about it, maybe even a bit disappointed. But all in all it was a brilliant story and ended happily. And I can’t say anything but WOW. 

I think one of the characters with my name is actually very similar to me. She is optimistic, full of energy, strange, silly, sometimes annoying, and often interrupted or ignored by other people when she talks about something she likes. And I’m really proud of her again, I feel so honoured to see she was with Karina all the time. 

I want to thank Dani J. for not only including my name(s) in Book 4 as well as 3, but also for letting me read this excellent book! Again it’s been an honour to be a part of Humanity H2O."

So, can you see how great the book is? Pre-Order now! It's coming out soon!

And if you haven't read the first three in the series, what are you doing? Use this link now!

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