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Thursday, December 24, 2020

You WILL get something out of my books

During my time trying to write, trying to get my books and stories read, I've somehow been able to get onto about thirty to fifty email lists, all from 'wanna-be' authors trying to sell their books. When I first started I wanted to do this, create an email list, but then I realised that the only people who I could collect emails from were other 'wanna-be' authors... what was the point? Every 'wanna-be' author wants to sell their books, not buy other 'wanna-ba' authors' books. It's like a bunch of smiling people with no ears running around shouting "Buy my book! buy my book! I'm a really happy, nice person! Look! I like you! Buy my book!" all enclosed in a small hall, and somehow they keep going, onto the next book, onto the next email because somewhere, someone DID buy one or two or more and then they got enthusiastic. I always check these 'wanna-be' authors' work out and more often than not, they shouldn't be running around. honestly. And even if I do find some good work, I wouldn't buy their book because I don't have the money for that! My money goes on food and shelter, trying to pay the bills and buy food which seems to be getting more and more expensive every week but the inflation rate stays the same...

So..."Buy my book!", really. I keep the price as low as possible. "Read my book!" is my motto because IT WILL give you something. You WILL get something out of it.

...And the 53rd rating for Gubacsi Dulu is... not worth mentioning. Congratulations whoever you are.. I hope one day you will get better, for humanity's sake.

Humanity H2O! Can you handle these books? Some people can't.

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