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Friday, December 4, 2020

First Pre-Orders of Reif's Return! 5th in New Releases!

Yes! Someone out there wishes to continue the journey of Humanity H2O and find out what happens to Officer Karina Reif (isn't she dead?) and all the answers to those little questions (what really was Hadidi's plan? Did the virus/vaccine...(SPOILER)... Yeah, I can't say much more about that. 5th in New Releases for Children's Steampunk Books!

There's still movement, mostly with Radnoti X, though the reviews and ratings have slowed again. Gubacsi Dulu got its 47th rating... a 2 star... which shows more about the reader than the book. Perhaps it's another hit by 'The Trash Sci-fi Mafia'!, a collection of readers and writers who want to keep the reading level down to make their work easier.

I also noticed someone ran through some of my earlier posts here, and so I also had a look - wow, I really had something to say back then, in 2012, 2014, 2016... there were some really good posts!

Maybe if you're new here, you should look through the archive, perhaps there's something there to hold your attention.

But, more importantly, Humanity H2O! Save humanity from itself!

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