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Friday, December 11, 2020

How Men Write Women...part 2

I just remembered a time when I was first starting out, back in 2011 and I was a member of a long forgotten author trash-pile website, and I made a few acquaintances. One of them was some historical fiction writer, a woman from New Zealand who could write pretty well, though sometimes her ideas and structure went awry. We helped each other with a little reading and editing. Anyhow, it came to a point when she was discussing men and how they have overpowered women and taken over society, and I agreed, and then she went on a rant about hating men, etc. and I replied, "Well, as a man, I agree with most of what you're saying..." And that was it. Three months of communication and... gone. No contact, nothing. She was gone. Even her work on the website disappeared. It was a shame because some of her work was excellent. And all it took was one variable of reality. What if I'd said I was gay, or black, or an alien, or even a Trump supporter (Trump was still a loser back then, too, living off his cons and lies). What trigger would send anyone into the abyss?

Anyway, people have problems and rather than deal with them, which would mean to think and suffer to be a better person, they find it easier to find a more comfortable way, to deny, ignore or retaliate against whatever it is and continue on... without change.

So, would you like to change? Humanity H2O can help you...if you let it.

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