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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

"Lord of the Flies in space" - Radnoti X 9th rating 4 stars! (+List of 10)

And finally, someone has made the connection. There are hints to classics throughout my Humanity H2O series, and this was one of them! "Lord of the Flies in space." Thank you Doug McGonegal!

Many positive things to take from this review - very interesting storyline, thought provoking plot, twists and turns, great characters and character growth, and to repeat in capitals LORD OF THE FLIES IN SPACE!

But if you notice in Radnoti X's ratings, someone gave a 1 star rating to Radnoti X... they must be a well-read person, indeed (sarcasm is alive and well). 

Looking at my 10 novels, I'm doing quite well with the reviews so far for the latest series.

1. Gubacsi Dulu - 58 ratings (Humanity H2O book 1)

2. Manna-X - 20 ratings (Graham Reader book 4)

3. How to Build a Castle - 11 ratings (How to book 1)

4. Radnoti X - 9 ratings (Humanity H2O book 2)

5. Rage of Atlantis - 5 ratings (Graham Reader book 3)

6. Farkas Alpha - 4 ratings (Humanity H2O book 3)

7. Man by a Tree - 3 ratings (Graham Reader book 1)

8. Bethlehem Fiasco - 3 ratings (Graham Reader book 2)

9. How to Sink a Ship - 3 ratings (How to book 2)

10. Reif's Return - 1 rating (Humanity H2O book 4)

So, Humanity H2O! Connections to classics! Come and find them!

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