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Saturday, February 20, 2021

5 star rating for Farkas Alpha!

 Coming in at number 7 for Farkas Alpha, a 5 star rating! THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE!

That graphic looks strange, it's a 4 star kinda book? No, surely not? It was a great book to write and my Beta readers loved it... and so did 30% here :-)

The new book is complete, Beta readers are on it now...:-) I've just had a few ideas for the next...

Tomorrow, Humanity H2O will be available as ONE EBOOK - 4 books in ONE. Of course, the price is higher than one book... two books... okay it's almost the same as three. So... if someone hasn't got ANY of the books (that's a crime), then they can just buy this ONE ebook!

BUT if you/someone you know HAVE/HAS one or two or three, go for the usual 4-book series!

Humanity H2O!

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