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Sunday, June 6, 2021

16th rating - 5 star! Under the Shade of the Sun!

 Yes! The 16th rating... and it's a FIVE! THANK YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE, 5 STAR RATING PERSON! And yet... who are my readers??? Anyway, every rating brings the books closer to being spotted by the BIG LEAGUERS, more READERS and so I've given more enjoyment throughout the world.

Someone also bought almost the whole Humanity H2O series! Thank you! That definitely made my day when I saw that. I hope this reader loves the books!

So, PLEASE support an indie and buy/read Under the Shade of the Sun, recommend it to your friends, and review it! You could also pre-order the 2nd! And wait for the 3rd and 4th!


And the second book, Slaughter Under the Bridge is written, waiting to be uploaded... oh, yeah, I have to do that.

You can Pre-Order it here! (It'll probably come out at the end of May 2021)

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