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Friday, June 25, 2021

EVEN MORE action on KENP for 'Slaughter'

Yesterday, a little MORE action over on KENP...THANK YOU, whoever you are! Every page read not only keeps me going, but I also get 0.4 cents! So that's 4 cents per 10 pages... but hey! And I'm so close to finishing one of the two books left in the series.

Slaughter has already been translated into Hungarian, and my translator wishes to start translating Gubacsi Dulu! This is GREAT news!

Sooooooooooo...Please, come along and read, rate, review and recommend Slaughter (the 4 R's!). Please! Support an indie today! And tomorrow! Let's beat this monopolisation and 'dumbing down' of readers from the few big publishers! Put my books around.

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