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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Things are happening -PROMO!!! July 2nd!

Shade got its 23rd rating... a 4 star, THANK YOU, whoever you are! 

KENP is also moving along, both for the Bohatch Chronicles AND Humanity H2O, namely Radnoti X and Farkas Alpha... if that's you, HELLO!

AND Books 3 and 4 of the Bohatch Chronicles got their FIRST PRE-ORDERS!!!!! THANK YOU, KIND READER! (Book 4 is almost complete... yes, Book 3 comes before Book 4, but it's 'special')

AAAAANNNNNND... Tomorrow brings a PROMO!

Under the Shade of the Sun - FREE for 3 days! (July 2nd to July 4th) Get it if you haven't yet!


AND Slaughter Under the Bridge - 99 cents for 7 DAYS! (July 2nd to July 9th). If you haven't got it yet, here's your chance for a cheaper price! Under a dollar... what else can you get for under a dollar? Suggestions in the Comments section, please (I'll put them in the next book).

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