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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

More Action... and more!

 Shade now has 22 ratings... the least said about that 2 star, the better. I can only imagine the person who put that rating up... 

I know a TON of scifi books which need 2 star ratings but will never get them, or if they did, the hundreds of 5 stars from friends and acquaintances will cancel their effect. My books? I don't have that safety blanket against braindead or spiteful people.  I write for pleasure, and most of those who've read my books enjoyed them. And I hope more will in the future. Due to these braindead people (spiteful are also braindead), the Bohatch Chronicles will probably be the last series I write. I've had enough of the idiots.

Sooooooooooo...Please, come along and read, rate, review and recommend Slaughter (the 4 R's!). Support an indie today, while they're still here.

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